The Game Admits He Wanted To Get Dr. Dre With Diss Against Eminem



The Game Admits He Wanted To Get Dr. Dre With Diss Against Eminem


 The Game Said He Wanted To Get Dr. Dre

In an interview on the Rap Radar podcast, rapper The Game talks about his recent 10-minute diss track from Eminem, "The Black Slim Shady." Speaking with Elliot Wilson and Brian "B. Dot" Miller, the rapper revealed he wanted to challenge Eminem in a fun and competitive way. When asked about his motivations near the 43-minute interview "Second, I pissed off a lot of people with this song. As you know, Eminem has a lot of fans."

But as far as being personal, it’s not personal.” The diss makes clear its many references to Eminem's discography, from his acclaimed material to his more divisive later production. Game emphasized that he also appeared in Eminem's music. “I remember the first time 'My Name Is' came out. I was kind of crazy about it. I felt the same feeling I felt when I first heard BIG's 'Juicy'. … I've always stuck with Eminem,

He said. The game continued, "I felt like I was getting a little emotional about the Super Bowl shit and all that. It's Dre's boy and Dre doesn't rap. So when I want to chat with Dre or Better poke eminem when you're mad at dre 50 can't get over me he's doing tv work the show is great But as far as rap is concerned, I blocked him. Only Eminem can rap along or poke a bear to see if he really wants to go there. ”

Elsewhere on the podcast, he praised Jay-Z for helping release some samples from his recent album, Drillmatic - Heart vs. Mind. Game said it wasn't sure if the sample would ever be released due to his "tragic past", but Hobb said he realized he had matured considerably since attacking the rapper. At that point, I think he knows I've grown and matured," Game said. "And of course he's grown up. ...and your wisdom, you know, much more...that's a hob, man, do you know what I'm saying?

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