Kanye West Wants To Do Away With Stairs To Maximize Humanity's Existence



Kanye West Wants To Do Away With Stairs To Maximize Humanity's Existence

Kanye West Opens Up About His Vision For The Future In A New Interview.

 Rapper Kanye West believes the world would be a better place if there were ramps instead of stairs. The "Donda" rapper spoke with Danny Harris, CEO and co-founder of Alo Yoga, for the sportswear brand's "Mind Full" podcast about his upcoming projects with his strong take on stairs. West believes that people should shape the world for the future rather than the present. 

"We have not designed our world to this point to maximize our existence on this planet as a species," he explained. "I'm very good at going down flights of stairs. We can have ramps... Everything should be designed like a retirement home. If we're lucky, we'll all grow old one day. 

Why do we all selfishly project and fail to think about what the future should look like when we are in a position of power to determine how the world looks and works? asked the artist. Also regarding the future, the artist said he believes humanity will move towards a non-verbal method of communication. He likened the new language to the way Yoda spoke from Star Wars, using only the words he "absolutely needed". "We had a moment before when Danny asked me about the fabrics and I didn't even have to say a word," she recalled. 

"We communicated with a wink, like a Jedi. The rapper claimed that the world will be more like Star Wars in the future. "I might tend to be paranoid about robots, but that's how we have to exist," he said. "Star Wars is my college.

I spent far more time playing Star Wars than I did in college." When the artist saw robots working in a factory, the first thing that came to mind was Star Wars. He believes the future will resemble George Lucas' vision. "When I see these robots working in the factory, I walk through this room and I know that 10 years from now, 20 years from now, we will have an influential position, a position, and an impact." And some of the people who are influential now will continue to be influential in the future.

But the world will be a lot more like all the ideas George Lucas channeled into Star Wars. I channeled. How was Pixar invented? This is a lesser-known cause that George Lucas went to and brought people together to invent Pixar.”

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