Drake reveals his top Spotify artist of 2022



Drake reveals his top Spotify artist of 2022

The Spotify retrospective arrived this week and Drake shared his own.

According to the retrospective of the streaming service, Spotify, the artist that the Canadian rapper, Drake, listened to the most was the late Tupac. Pac's story is impressive, the way he produced his songs was always praised and even without his presence in the current Hip-Hop scene, his talent was marked in history, even serving as inspiration for other rappers. Drizzy ranked in the top 7% of listeners for the West Coast legend.

Drake spent a total of 246 minutes listening to Pac, which is no surprise considering his penchant for music and the influence the Californian rapper has had on his career. In the early days of Drizzy's career, he told The BoomBox that if he could embody anyone, he would want to be more like the rap legend. "If there was anyone I'd like to be a little more like, it would probably be 'Pac," the artist said in 2011.


I would like to have a little more 'Pac in my persona. I am working on it”.

As for Drake himself, he was the most streamed artist on Spotify in the US and Canada this year and was the third most streamed artist internationally behind Bad Bunny and Taylor Swift. The Canadian rapper previously addressed falling behind Taylor on the Billboard Hot 100.

Check out the Instagram screenshot below:

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