NBA YoungBoy Explains Why Left J. Cole 8 Hours Waiting in Studio;

NBA YoungBoy Explains Why Left J. Cole 8 Hours Waiting in Studio;

It seems that the rapper had great opportunities in his sight to take his music career to another level, it was revealed that the NBA Young Boy had an opportunity to work with J Cole in the past few months but unfortunately the rapper makes J Cole wait for eight hours in the studio waiting for him, but the rapper didn't show up in the studio, during the podcast with Dj Akademiks and NBA Young Boy, Akademiks tells the rapper you could have a musical collaboration with J Cole at that time,

NBA youngBoy responds, they lied and said I raised J Cole, and they lied and said I wouldn't go into the studio with him,
YoungBoy continues telling Akademiks, "but I know who told someone this because few people knew and it wasn't the case, and then they were saying "Young Boy is acting like a b*tch or something but why am I hearing  this man, if i knew i'm not willing to talk to anyone or sit or even be near anyone; being the words of the NBA YoungBoy,

If that happens, YoungBoy's career will be on another level working with one of the greatest rappers of the decade, this is some artist's dream in the music industry, but it seems that the rapper didn't feel it that day, but he can get another chance if he want to contact J Cole for a musical collaboration, but we might see some surprises in a few months, in the meantime the fans wanted this to happen but unfortunately not, so see the video below, 


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