Soulja Boy Abuses And Clowns Tyga On Social Media For Beating His EX

Soulja Boy Abuses And Clowns Tyga On Social Media For Beating His EX

Soulja boy find another target to play with, being one of the most controversial rapper, has been using his social networks to disrespect rapper Tyga, after the incident he had on Tuesday night with his ex, Carmen,

soulja made a video describing rapper Tyga's little embarrassment, beating women around, saying "1,2,3 Tygaahh, you know fuck you, niggas are talking about Tyga, I've got something better to come, Tyga, F* ck Tyga, they're here hitting girls, what's wrong with you man, tyga whats wrong with him, somebody tell tyga not to put hands on women, Broke ass nigga, whats wrong with you, big draco, I got something better to come , you're poor n**ga, you're going around, you're poor, and put your hands on the girls ......

Soulja boy is doing his show provoked by Tyga, for having assaulted a woman, netizens claim in the comments that Soulja boy was waiting for this moment, to make fun of tyga's face. 


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