Boosie Badazz Was Arrested For Concert Brawl

Boosie Badazz Was Arrested For Concert Brawl


Another story to be told, rapper Boosie was arrested this monday, in which he had to spend the night in jail, the incident happened in one of his concerts which resulted in a fight and ended up taking the rapper to prison,

Not being one of the reasons that led the rapper to jail, but because of the charges he was being charged, it made him spend the night in jail, considering the charges of criminal damage to property, incitement to a riot, disorderly conduct and criminal invasion.

But at the moment the rapper was released this Tuesday afternoon and now he is free, after the nightmare he went through in jail, but still having in question the case of tyga, which TMZ still has no news if he stays in custody or not , a case has been resolved on Boosie 's issue but question that the fans are asking on the internet, can tyga be held in custody ? can be the same situation Boosie passed through?


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