Drake Rented Dodger Stadium for a Romantic Dinner With Amari Bailey's Mother

Drake Rented Dodger Stadium for a Romantic Dinner With Amari Bailey's Mother



Artist of the decade has surprised his fans after seeing with Amari's mother at Dogda's stadium, which was rented by the Artist for his private night, which seemed like a romantic dinner, the news did not take long to hit the social Media, with the help of pilot Chris Cristi who was flown over the stadium, he did some basic footage of the couple when he was piloting the helicopter, but this time the mysterious meeting was revealed,however the artist always does the things mysteriously, in which we would never know about the special night of drake with the mysterious woman;

which internet users reveal is the mother of Basketball player Amari Bailey, According to some resources, Before this event, Drake and Amari already knew each other and already had a close friendship with him, but behind that Drake had other intentions, in which the son he was surprised that the Artist was already liking his mother. For now we don't know if the drake's intentions were really to meet the mother or it happened naturally, however the Artist was seen with Micheal B. Jordan  and Amari's mother watching the game of his son, but because of that there are reports mentioned that the Artist eventually went not to watch Ameri bailey's game but to see his mother;

The various controversies circulated on twitter about the Drake and Amari's mother case, has caused several criticisms about the rapper, in which it is appearing that the Rapper only wants to make a bang on Ameri's mother, twitters are too heavy on the twitter,



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