Bueface Accused Takashi 6ix9ine Of Snitching On Him And Being Responsible For His IG Account Being Deleted by Bullying

The conflict between Blueface and 6ix9ine still remains that the two rappers have been bickering each other in the past few days after Blueface challenged 6ix9ine to a ring fight against him which has caused a lot of steaks between them, but there has been a news circulating about the Blufece IG Account's, which Blueface reports that 6ix9ine has caused Blueface of bullying in which it got its instagram account deleted because of the reports 6ix9ine did, accused of snitching on him, 

Blueface revealed the same information on his twitter saying that 

"the man came to me with his hurt feelings and he did what any snitch did, but pay attention, he denounced all my posts for bullying, deleted his sketch playing victim like him did in court my Instagram will be back soon..." 

In the meantime Takashi's situation with Blueface is getting worse, after Blueface's twitter post Takashi 6ix9ine responded to a post where he was mentioned by Akademiks on IG saying that"

Akademiks stop posting me with this clown , I know you're good at standing up for people, that setting up your fight and hoping to give your man a career, I have 23 million followers, but he has 0, I have a net worth of 10 million dollars, but he zero,.. i have over 2 dozen platinum hits but he only has one. you can't compete where you don't compare..

After this response fans reacted to the comment saying that 6ix9ine is scared of Blueface not wanting to face him in the ring, a lot of controversy goes by it  but how long will these two get with it? However Blueface accuses Takashi 6ix9ine of being responsible for everything that is happening to him and his IG was recently deleted, before that Blueface got a new tattoo on his head, which 6ix9ine reacted to it by also getting a tattoo in your head with the same name that Rapper Blueface put it, I see that this is not going very well for Blueface but

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