6ix9ine Was Threatened In Brooklyn By One Of King Von's slanderers

6ix9ine Was Threatened In Brooklyn By One Of King Von's slanderers

One more story to tell, After his release in Prison, 6ix9ine has suffered several offenses by the street people, so the artist has been doing his projects and shows normally, despite having reinforced his security more, even so the staff has diminished the artist who walks on the security guard's because he is p*ssy, suffering several lack of respect in public places but nevertheless a video appeared that is rolling on social media,

in which it looked like 6ix9ine is being threatened and slandered by a young man for whom we don't have the specific identity, however 6ix9ine is traveling around town normally after a man appears yelling at him and disrespecting the rapper, 6ix9ine replied to him come "out from the car and move on", repeated several times the same sentence to the young man even so the young man continued to shout at the rapper called rat, "you are a rat, what are you up to n*gga" 6ix9ine answering "we're outside n* gga;

6ix9ine's situation is increasingly conflicted, having gone through several controversies and criticisms about the things he has done that didn't let him stop making his songs continued with his artistic rhythm bringing joy to his fans and everything else,

after this same attack, 6ix9ine commented on the AKADEMIKS platforms where he shared the same, 6ix9ine comments that 

"Every time the gangsters do nothing you get mad and say "staged" but let it be the other way around and my car was shot, you're all like "LMAOOOO YO RIP" you favor and cry when it's not, that's why I laughed when king von died, because it's gone the other way around, be overkill, pick and choose, smoking in KING Von,

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