Lil Nas X Reveals A New Music Video "Sun Goes Down" | Check It Out

Lil Nas X Reveals A New Music Video "Sun Goes Down" | Check It Out

After his controversial music MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name) having several criticisms and controversies regarding the performances complemented in the video, the song has reached at top number 1 on the Billboard in previous weeks which was considered the longest running No.1 ever by a male soloist;  In the meanwhile, Lil Nas X returns again with a new song "Sun goes down", which he's talking a little about his old self in his new track, seen in the music video  Lil Nas tells his story as he was before entering the music industry, at the his video Nas X appears in the glassy-eyed, as if his soul was not there, in other conspiracy theories we could say that he sold his soul to the devil,

Seeing that glazed over the eyes seem mysterious and dark, after that he appears in the strange place as if he were in a galaxy, or in the future represented the new self, meditated, Nas X creates a portal of old memories in which he became indignant with his old self, entered the portal, remembering when he worked as a cleaner, having a sad face, leaving work Nas X started saying in his lyrics "Since ten, I've been feeling lonely" as if he was dramatized and depressed when he was that age, Nas x starts to wonder why my lips are so big ", then in his lyrics the following goes" These gay thoughts would always haunt me
I prayed God would take it from me "

Nas X was praying to God to change him, changing the thoughts of gay but nothing happened, there was no way he could escape his reality, nor did he lie who he really was, he no longer saw how get away from it, at the Promo party, Lil Nas X appears with an agonized face, sad not having anyone to talk to, looking around his colleagues to enjoy the moment, Nas saw that I am not like him, Nas X goes to the house of bathing is over there crying why I am like this, I can't express myself, 

After that Lil Nas looks at him or his reflection in the mirror, and his new self behind him, a black hand appears over his shoulder, giving you a sign that you are not alone, I am here, the old me and the new me walk to the party, in the old one I was in a very good mood dancing and at the same time his colleagues dancing with him appreciated the his company, and at the end of the video clip the eyes of Nas X became sealed over his eyes again, shown that he is now the new self in command, The video clip surprised several fans with his new performance shown more as he was in the past, does this music identify with you?

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