Billboard Music Awards Named Drake As "The Artist Of The Decade"

Billboard Music Awards Named Drake As "The Artist Of The Decade"

A historic moment in the Drake's career after being considered by the Billboard Music Awards as The Artist Of The Decade, having several awards in the past years, Drake has been making history in the world of music, being one of the most successful icons in the music industry, "but why the artist of the decade" describing his success in his music career, Drake is one of the first artist doing the sequence of 1, 2 and 3 on the Billboard Hot 100, one of the artist with the most streams of all time, one of the artists with the most awards in just one night, 13 awards, nothing seen at the awards;

Artist with more awards won on Billboard having a total of 27 awards won, records with 431 more weeks in the Hot 100, 9 number one albums on the Billboard, 6 number one songs on the Billboard Hot 100, more than 232 songs on the Billboard Charts, Artist with more than 45 positions in the top 10 of the billboard charts, being one of the idols with more position, Drake is in the list of singers most influenced and most consumed on digital platforms in all musical history;

The 6 God known as drizzy drake after his award, "he thanked for the fans and the collaborations he had in the last 10 years, being a constant struggle but we were here, and we did something positive for everyone, this award is dedicated my family and especially to my son Adonis, despite the fact that, this is Drizzy's year, without forgetting his new  CLB album which is coming soon on the streets;

 Is Drake already the new idol in music history?



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