Bizzy Banks Accuses CJ Of Stealing His Flow And Lyrics

Bizzy Banks Accuses CJ Of Stealing His Flow And Lyrics

The great rappers at the moment, CJ has shown a lot of work in the last months, having put his new EP "Loyalty Over Royalty " on the streets previously, being one of the steps for his new album, after entering the music industry with the biggest hit "Whoopty" which took over the New York Streets,but being one of the recent names currently on the streets,there are rumors and accusations that CJ is copying the flow of Bizzy Banks, in which Bizzy banks drew attention to CJ from his Instagram story saying that :

"CJ needs to give him a credit for having copied my flow and the lyrics, Bizzy also revealed that  " I'm tired of not being known for my musical work " in which I deserve it, it was me who started with this new rap vibe, let's just talk about it ".. demonstrated some songs that appear to be the same , the flow and the lyrics, compared to the Bizzy Banks song "Don't start part.2" with the CJ song "BOP" Looked at the lyrics, there are similarity in the musical lyrics and in the instrumental, even in the other song "Hit Up" by CJ with the song "Neo" sung by Bizzy, it  seems to have the same vibration and the internal flow;

However, CJ hasn't responded to the bizzy banks yet about this accusation, but will CJ copy Bizzy's vibration, because given the release date, the bizzy was the first to create, will it be that bizzy just wants to be recognized in the music industry, confirm the video;



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