"Go Crazy" By Chris Brown and Young Thug Is Unstoppable On Billboard Hot 100 | New Peak

"Go Crazy" unstoppable on the Billboard charts, the song by Chris Brown and Young Thug has been breaking positions lately, considered to be the most played songs on the radio, showing a good performance, after being last week in the third position in the Top 10 of Billboard Hot 100 reached a new peak, Due to this week's new Billboard updates, "Go Crazy" falls into the #5 on the Billboard Hot 100 of this week, surprisingly, not disappearing from Billboard Hot 100 top 10 for doing 43 weeks on Billboard Charts;

in which it is considered one of the longest songs on the album. "Slime & B" for remaining in Billboard's top 10. without forgetting that Chris brown has  surprised his fans, prepared an exclusive "Remix" with the assistance of Lil Durk, Future and Mulatto, the track has been making noise in the streets, being a remix that will be able to surpass the original music?

 The success that "Go Crazy" has had in the last few months it's helping gained more public with this new remix, nowdays in which it is taking the music to another level, so see the position of the song


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