6ix9ine Reveals How Much Money He Made When He Got Out Of The Prison

The controversial 6ix9ine has caused a lot of controversy after his return, loaded with a lot of good energy, releasing his first single for 2021 in which he refers to the song "Zaza", the rapper has been provoking and bifing several rappers, in which Meek Mill was the target, after that Takashi saying on some of his posts that he would like to confront the Meek face to face without any fear, and Claiming that he got more money than Meek;

Not kept my mouth shut 6ix9ine again reveals how much he did how much he did after leaving prison, according to his post, he describes his journeys and achievements that he has achieved to the present day describing the following way, in 2017 the 6ix9ine was the food delivery man, after that the following year in 2018 i took on the rap game .. continued on the next one saying that 2019 I was facing 47 years of life ", headed for the year 2020 I left the prison 20 million dollars richer, entered the year 2021I am thanking GOD;

Seeing 6ix9ine decree, he made more than 20 million dollars when he left prison, at that time, getting an insignificant number of views on his videos, which went viral on YouTube platforms, what will he be planning for that year 2021?

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