Legendary Dj Funk Flex Said That "He won't Play 6ix9ine's New Song On The Radio" | Check It Out

After its arrival on the streets, 6ix9ine has been causing some controversy in the last months, despite some criticisms about the rapper despite the actions that takashi has been doing lately, it has attracted more haters than fans, Recently the Legendary of Hip-Hop radio from New York, Funk Flex surprised his fans after making a compliment and criticism about Takashi 6ix9ine;

However, After his return on the streets with a preview of his new song which will be released soon, Funk Flex wrote in his description saying that " I am not going to play this on the radio, but this is thumping, it is just my opinion"; After the publication there were several internet users criticized the Funk Flex post regarding the words he used, which caused a lot of controversy in the comments, Check It Out


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