Hit "Go Crazy" By Chris Brown And Young Thug Should Get The Official Remix Version

After the release of the Mixtape "Slime & B" last year, which there were 12 songs on Mixtape, within these tracks the track "Go Crazy" was more consumed in the mixtape and for becoming one of the most counted songs on the Spotify charts and for staying so long at the top 10 of Billboard, however Chris Brown and Young Thug has been making a huge noise in North American territory. after being in the top 10 of the Billboard Hot 100 this week, ranking # 6 on the Billboard charts;

Although, In the previous days, Chris Brown shared on his social networks saying that his song "Go Crazy" will have the Remix Version of the track, the news stirred the fans, but Chris did not give more information about this remix version of "Go Crazy", however we will not know which singer will be part of this remix but there were some rumors that rapper Toosii could be in it, 

but there were some criticisms on the part of fans, and the rapper decided not to be part of it; but will this new remix version "Go Crazy" be able to overcome the original song; But Ckeck It Out





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