6ix9ine Releases A New Song Preview

The surprising return of 6ix9ine is causing a lot of noise on social media, after the failure of his album last year, the rapper has shown a positive energy after sharing the preview of his new song last week, in which he stirred the media with the his return, saying "this internet is boring without me";

Once again 6ix9ine doesn't stop making noise, this time he comes up with a new song, in which the rapper is rhyming strongly saying on the video "They keep saying this and that, all that shit is cap Pull them out in real life, like where's the energy at? I shot you, I stole you and you didn't give anything back",After that 6ix9ine wrote in the description of his Instagram post saying the following "Who is ready for the the Return.....100k Comments if you are Ready, I Shooted and stole all these rappers in real life without cap../..the fees charged me for this whole case"

Takashi 6ix9ine has been showing that he is back on the streets, and apparently the rapper is preparing something new for this year, despite some style changes that have surprised fans, but will 6ix9ine become king of new york? Check It Out

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