Meek Mill Disables Pages On Instagram And Twitter


Despite some controversies and beefs in the last few months in which it involved rapper Takashi 6ix9ine attacking Meek Mill in his Instagram Lives; Although the rapper Meek has formally responded to 6ix9ine in his interviews, meanwhile Meek has been working hard on his music projects; Recently some news has emerged on social networks regarding the rapper Meek Mill's suddenly deactivating his social media platform like Instagram and Twitter, all pages have been disabled we do not know what really happened the fans were suppressed by the news;

Meek made no statement for having disabled their social platforms, but maybe for a good reason, maybe the meek is working on his new project and wants to get rid of social distractions; but however, a few weeks ago the rapper is at Baham with Canadian Drake and Lil Baby recording a video clip in which the release date has not been announced but it will be on the streets soon;

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