Cardi B Responded Celina Powel For Claiming Offset $50K To Get Rid Of The Pregnancy

Celina powel is becoming so relevant on twitter after the text messages with the Canadian Drake that went viral on the media some days back ,supposedly occasion happened a few year ago with Celina Powel and Offset came up all over again on social media the reason was that Celina Powel was Claiming that she got pregnant from Offset within the moment the rapper was married with Cardi B, Eventually that situation caused a several problem to offset and Cardi B even they were trying to get divorce, But the rapper was proven that the claims was false. 

However, Celina Powel was claiming the rapper to give her $50,000 to get rid of the pregnancy "get an abortion" However Cardi B was twitted on twitter by taking some previous scandal  happened years ago , Cardi took the screenshot of it and she twitted "You must be new on social media let me take you way back" so formally Celina Powel has responded her saying "I miss you" under Cardi B's Twitter; Check It Out



 Celina Powel also twitted on her twitter - Check It Out


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