Blueface's Instagram Account Was Deleted After Broadcasting Strip Club Orgy

Sad news came up recently the rapper Blueface was restrictively kicked out of the Instagram by broadcasting on Instagram a club orgy with friends and strippers; The rapper was posting a several video on platform within those videos there was some random strippers naked dancing however his Instagram story reached over 4 million views that looks over the typical audience;

Enventually, All those video was contained inappropriate contents in which Instagram team did not resist to delete Blueface's account for violating the policies of instagram, within the meantime Blueface has lost his platform in which could be used to promote his works and also lost over 5 million followers on Instagram, so the violation is temporally some couple hours his Instagram profile was liberated now Blueface is getting followers once again he got so over 7k Followers in this moment Check It Out


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