Snoop Dogg Criticized Hardly About The Hit Of "WAP" Singed By Cardi B & Mega Stallion

After the sucess of the hit "WAP" singed by Cardi B and Mega Stalliont, by surprising the world with this songs that's caused many critics by the public regarding this song .The Hit remains a subject of dialogue months once its unleash. The the big apple rapper selected Megan Thee entire for the specific single, and he quickly became an addict favorite that bust into social media platforms. Everybody was talking concerning "WAP", whether or not criticizing song for being too nervy or defensive the track as an example of girls taking management of the narrative. Snoop Dogg recently shared his thoughts on the contentious single and inspired ladies to not offer too several details concerning their bodies;

The Rapper Snoop Dogg Said on video "Oh my God," same Snoop. "Slow down. Like, take your time. Let's have a touch imagination. Let's have a touch ... you know, privacy, some intimacy wherever he needs to search out out rather than you telling him. ” The rapper continued: “For ME it's as if it were in fashion… it should not be like that, this is often your prize and possession… this is often what you must hold on to. A possession that nobody is aware of regarding till things happen, ”said Snoop. For Further information check it out the video below :



The Rapper Also Says that "he does not wish it to be “in fashion” for the women to speak regarding her P****y with such freedom."





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